What is MNE Consulting.

MNE Consulting is Business and IT Consulting Services for Higher Education (University and TAFE), NFP & Government clients, specialising in Student Management System (SMS) Subject Matter Expertise (SME) and specialised project and operational consulting services.

With more than two decades of success in project and business management roles, I’ve honed my specialist skills in the student management space, at leading Universities, TAFEs, and consultancy firms, Australia-wide, to forge my own path and establish MNE Consulting.

I have postgraduate qualifications and certifications in Business and IT Systems Analysis, Project Management and Accounting.

What does ‘MNE’ mean?

Literally – MNE are my initials – Mardi Nicole Ettelson.

It is also an acronym for ‘Making New Experiences’ and ‘Modelling New Edutech’ in Consulting.
A little about me as a person

Hi, I’m Mardi. The founder and lead consultant, as well the namesake of the company.

I was born into a hippie and music industry world, and I always had a strong sense of self, truth and right and wrong, I loved writing, reading, music, and analysing ideas, complex scenarios and people. This probably explains why I’ve always been, and still am, an avid reader, film watcher and music lover.

I have qualifications in Literature, Cinema Studies and Anthropology and I am currently studying Community Services & Development. You can probably see by the variety of qualifications across areas, it’s not your normal IT/ business studies focus.

I also meditate, volunteer, create mixed medium refurbished art, fashion and furniture, and work a lot.
Why launch MNE?

I am driven by my passions, and one of my main passions is making an impact, making things better and fixing issues.

I’m always looking for how I can find better solutions, better processes, better experiences and better services. And I was fed up with mediocre consultants, disengaged and non-customer focused vendors, and aware of the far retching impacts on people and organisations that stems from toxic workplace cultures and projects. So, I decided it needs to get better and if no one is doing/ offering it/ it doesn’t exist currently, then I will build it myself and make it happen! I was going to Make New Experiences. And So MNE Consulting was born…


MNE Consulting has integrity:

  • MNE is my passion project, and I am driven by my vision.
  • My vision is “for ethical, transparent, and inclusive projects, led only by mindful, experienced and people focused leaders who understand the Higher Education landscape, drivers and structures.
  • MNE only engages and works with and employs experts in the field who demonstrate the values of my vision.

MNE Consulting has a people focused approach to technology:

  • I am a champion for happy, engaged, supported teams and psychologically healthy cultures, where people matter and the technology is there to support them, not frustrate them, in the new post Covid19 hybrid/ remote workforce.

MNE Consulting is Inclusive and providing a space for Female Led Consulting Services:

  • MNE Consulting is 3 years strong woman-led, inclusive, industry focused, and high-quality IT Business Consulting company.
  • I saw a gap in the industry, being predominantly led my men, vendors and teams, with technical skills and private industry, technical or banking and telecommunications background.

MNE Consulting is an SME (Subject Matter Expert):

  • I am a subject matter expert in this field.
  • I believe it is better to be an expert, with direct and detailed hands-on experience in your industry to truly understands its needs. And there is so much value and time saved by being able to hit the ground running, anticipate what’s next, understand pain points and drivers, and deliver. Rather than generic consulting services that rely too heavily on the client to provide every detail, and can be too expensive, time-consuming and often the finished product is not fit for purpose.

MNE Consulting is a TechnologyOne, SME, but still system agnostic:

  • I offer unaffiliated and unbiased/ system agnostic, as well as vendor-specific, business consulting expertise.
  • I have worked directly for TechnologyOne in the SMS as an SMS implementation consultant, as well as Ellucian Banner, Callista, Salesforce, InPlace and JobReady, all in all delivering 11 SMS projects so far, but I also have experience across other SMS systems and see the need for disruptors and new vendors in this space.
  • I can support work across other key systems e.g., LMS, InPlace, online education learning tools.
  • I am not afraid to look to new at new or emerging solutions if the current vendor you use is not meeting your needs, developing to your requirements, or valuing the customer relationship.

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