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Is this you?

Are you struggling to meet ongoing resource, environment, upgrade, Legislative change and project demands?

Are you frustrated with vendors who overpromise, underdeliver and barely maintain customer service/relationship standards?

Have you hired consultants before but find they are too specialised in only one area(or none) resulting in delays, gaps and clunky solutions?

Do you want to be able to talk about and report on your organisation’s systems, structures, language, regulations and not have to literally spell it out?

Mardi Ettelson - MNE Consulting

MNE Consulting knows your industry, understands your IT systems, business processes and requirements, isn’t afraid to push back on mediocre vendor support and can bring experts to support you or design and deliver your projects with your existing team/s.

I have in-depth and detailed experience and understanding of all the touchpoints, business process and system functionality across the full student lifecycle from Admissions all the way to Alumni.

I underpromise and always overdeliver.

I’m Mardi Ettelson – a qualified and certified Project Manager, Business Analyst and Consultant

Specialising in Student Management and student system solution experience.

I founded MNE Consulting as a deliberate stand to make different experiences in this space, to stand up for quality, inclusiveness, ethical and trustworthy quality services and make projects fun and inspiring again!
I love to get my hands dirty, in the detail as well as oversee the bigger picture, strategy and overall vision, I also enjoy working with teams and mentoring them, bringing a sense of humour and fun during stressful times.
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